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We invite you to take part in the Autumn session of the annual exhibition and forum "International import and export day 2021"!

The event will be held on November 2021 in a hybrid online-offline format. A virtual exhibition of Russian exporters is being prepared!

The forum's organizing Committee includes the Association of exporters and importers, the Moscow Association of entrepreneurs, the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, Delovaya Rossiya, OPORA Rossii, Association Afanasiy Nikitin, the Russia-Vietnam friendship Society, the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, ENFRAME, Kamerton, and many Russian and international public and industry organizations.
The forum is supported by the European trade house Confederation CHITA, the Croatian chamber of Commerce, the Moscow export center, regional export support Centers and regional chambers of Commerce and industry, Russian trade missions in other countries of the world, and other Russian and foreign industry associations.
Participation in the forum for entrepreneurs and the press is FREE!
If you want to book a stand at a virtual exhibition or become a forum partner, please contact the forum organizing Committee.

The exhibition-forum aims to assist Russian and foreign exporters in finding partners, exchanging experience and obtaining up-to-date information in the field of international trade in the context of the COVID-19 coronovirus pandemic, helping to localize foreign partners in Russia (especially in SEZs and SEZs), and participating in ensuring the effective implementation of the national project "international cooperation and export".

We wish you success in your business and see you at the forum!
Three days on November! Two streams!
1.1. 5th Conference "Logistics, Cargo Transportation, Customs".
1.2. 5th Interbank Conference on Foreign Trade.
1.3. Conference " Successful work and localization in Russia"
1.4. Joint meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and the Ministry of Agriculture of Vietnam.
1.5. Joint meeting of the World Trade Centers.
1.6. Export of agriculture as a driver of economic growth.
1.7. International partner search. Russian and international business developers.
1.8. Women's entrepreneurship in the world. Exchange of experience.
1.9. Youth entrepreneurship in foreign trade.
1.10. Conference on the bilateral development of trade relations between Russia and Italy.
1.11. Conference on the bilateral Development of Trade Relations between Russia and Greece.
1.12. Conference on the bilateral development of trade relations between Russia and Spain.
1.13. Moscow exporters, exchange of experience. Case session.
1.14. 3rd Interregional Conference of Export Support Specialists.
1.15. Conference on Certification in Foreign Economic Activity.
1.16. Master class on insurance of foreign economic transactions and supplies.
1.17. Discussion "Unification of the states of the Caspian region".
1.18. Interregional Conference "Export of creative industries".
1.19. Transport corridors of the world and Russia, cargo transit.
1.20. Organization of the sales department, development of the dealer network in the world.
1.21. Master class on working with customs.
1.22. Legal support of foreign economic activity.
1.23. Master class on working with the Republic of Indonesia.
1.24. Master class on working with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
1.25. European loans for the purchase of European equipment at rates up to 3% per annum with European insurance.
    Dear colleagues! The list of speakers and attendees is not complete yet and is being updated continuously! The call for papers is still open!
    Andrey Podenok
    President of the Interregional public organization Moscow Association of entrepreneurs
    Richard Gilmore
    The founder and the leader of the GIC Group - international agribusiness company established in 1980, USA
    Temur Shakaya
    Founder of the Horsepower brand. Co-owner of the pharmacy network "36,6". Chairman of the Board of Directors of the group of companies A. V. E. Ambassador of the world. Chairman of the Russia-Korea business Council.
    Tatyana Seliverstova
    Founder of The international acceleration program "Russian-Chinese youth business incubator", head of the international activities Department of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs
    Nikolay Dunaev
    Vice-President of OPORA Russia
    Alevtina Kirillova
    Project Manager for export logistics development, Russian export center
    Alexey Kalachev
    General Director of the Moscow export center
    Sergey Vologodsky
    Vice-President of "Russian export center"
    Dmitry Potapenko
    President of the Association "Afanasiy Nikitin", managing partner of consulting group "Agroinvestservis"
    Bolycheva Margarita
    Chairman of the state Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for foreign economic relations
    Vladimir Dmitriev
    Vice President of the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry
    Artak Udumyan
    Vice-President of the Association of exporters and importers, Head of the representative Office Of the Association of exporters and importers in Hungary
    Pavel Dolgov
    Vice-President of the Association of exporters and importers
    Irina Zasedatel
    Expert practitioner in international trade. Customs broker.
    Business consultant. The founder of "Kamerton". The author of the program "Import all".
    Alexey Pletnev
    Executive Director of the Moscow region foreign economic activity support Fund
    Aiman Yeskarayeva
    Vice Chairman, Legal and Secretary, Russian Club in UAE
    Vyachelsav Kharitonov
    Trade representative of the Russian Federation in the socialist Republic of Vietnam
    Natalya Shupeiko
    Vector Trade Company
    Maxim Kuznetsov
    Vice President RAUIE
    Maxim Chereshnev
    Chairman of the Board of the Council for the development of foreign trade and international economic relations, Public Commissioner for foreign trade in Moscow
    Alexander Leonidovich Rybas
    Trade representative of Russia in India
    Mr. Gerhard Hrebicek
    President of the European Brand Institute (Austria)
    Dr. Hashim Hussein
    Head of Technology Transfer and Investment Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Bahrain
    Svetlana Zhurkina
    Deputy trade representative of Russia in the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Elena Chernikh
    CITIC Telecom
    Robert Kristallov
    An expert in the field of foreign trade Unistream Bank
    Tadeusz Dobrovolsky
    Chairman of the Board of Directors - Russian club of the UAE / Partner-Empyrean Advisors
    Winky So
    General of London ETO
    Dr. Didit Ratam
    Head of bilateral Russia CCI Indonesia
    Yan Vitrov
    Project Manager for labeling and traceability of tobacco products At the center for advanced technologies development (CRPT)
    Boris Bezrukavnikov
    Executive sales Director, trade Finance Department of Sberbank
    Sergei Rossomachov
    Trade Representative Of The Russian Federation
    in the Republic of Indonesia
    Vitaly Mankevich
    President of the RAUIE
    Alexey Chikov
    Corporate Affairs, strategy and planning Manager, Philip Morris international Affiliates in Russia
    Yuri Misnik
    Group Chief Technology Officer, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
    Maxim Privezencev
    Total flame cigar house
    Alexandra Matveeva
    Head of Clients Relationship Department, International Bank for Economic Co-operation
    Georgy Petrov
    Adviser to the President of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation
    Arnaud d'Halluin
    Alliance experts
    Veronika Peshkova
    Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations industrial development Organization (UNIDO)
    Victoria Afanasova
    Director of "Center of support of export of the Volgograd region»
    Andy Chan
    Law company Deheng
    Leonid Orlov
    HKTDC/InvestHK Russian consultant
    Oleg Pedan
    Cigar importer, owner of La Casa Del Habano and Davidoff boutiques (Saint-Petersburg)
    Elen Edrenkina
    Regional Manager of UPS
    Fomicheva Anna
    Founder and Head of ICC "Business Logistics" and Startup accelerator for ACCELVED FEA members
    Anatoly Maltsan
    Head Of the Department for ensuring the activities of the Headquarters for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of investment and business entities in Moscow
    Dinara Ledovskikh
    Leading specialist of the Korean trade and investment promotion Agency (Novosibirsk), Kotra
    Irina Baginova
    Head of the multimodal transportation Department of JSC " Russian Railways logistics"
    Irina Kryuchkova
    Owner and General Manager of TransNet LLC – Freight Forwarding and Shipping Services Company subcommittee of National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) in the UAE.
    Kumar Manish
    President of Soltex Group»
    Vladimir Mikhailov
    General Director of VENTEK group LLC"
    Rim Adelshin
    Corporate law practice partner in Lex Alliance Law company
    Vladislav Donchenko
    Tax practice partner in Lex Alliance Law company
    Gaspard Brule
    Vice-President of the Association of international tax consultants AITC, partner of BLegal, representative of AITC in France.
    Natalia Bukharina
    Expert advisor of Tax practice partner in Lex Alliance Law company
    Ildar Abdulin
    Head of the representative Office Of the Association of exporters and importers in Samara, export trade adviser of the Russian export center, managing partner of The Russian Business Center in Cameroon
    Vladimir Naumov
    Project Manager, Federal Shoe chain ZENDEN
    Ilia Shpirt
    Expert-practitioner on export to the EU, Export coach of Russian Export Center, Speaker of Moscow Export Center and the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry
    Arkady Ivanov
    Head of the logistics Committee of the Afanasy Nikitin Association, development Director of TransAsia logistics LLC.
    Ekaterina Lopata
    Director of the Additional office of PJSC SKB Primorye "Primsotsbank" in Moscow
    Yakov Despot
    Head of the Croatian chamber of Commerce in Russia
    Lubarto Sartoye
    Adviser to the Ambassador of Indonesia, Committee on work with Indonesia of the Association of exporters and importers
    Alexey Sokolovsky
    Regional Manager of the Department for working with small and micro business clients of the Moscow regional branch of "Rosselkhozbank»
    Natalia Ivanova
    Adviser to the President of the Moscow Association of entrepreneurs, adviser to the managing Director of the Leontief center-AVGroup Consortium,
    senior Vice-President of the Club of Clubs Association"
    Joao Portela
    Alliance experts, Portugal
    Vadim Thomas
    Thomas Consulting & Vertrieb, Germany
    Judith De Leede
    Alliance experts, Benelux
    Alfred Griffioen
    Alliance experts, founder, Netherlands
    Mahdi Hayatbakhsh
    Alliance experts, Iran
    Miklos Tomka
    Alliance experts, North America
    Mohammad Abuawwad
    Alliance experts, Middle East
    Nadezhda Mamet
    Alliance experts, Russia and Eastern Europe
    Tamar Fransman
    Alliance experts, Germany
    Дмитрий Скворцов
    Директор по развитию ООО «Нор – Маали».
    Матиас Вебер
    Генеральный директор офиса SCHNEIDER GROUP в Санкт-Петербурге
    Yaroslav Kabakov
    Director for strategy IK "FINAM" - "Hedging of currency risks»
    Frank Chung
    Alliance experts, Singapore and Malaysia
    Doris Dunon
    Alliance experts, Australia
    Shiryaev Dmitry Aleksandrovich
    Head of Transportation Department of Sovtransavto-Moskva JSC
    Igor Goc
    Managing Director of the Association "Afanasy Nikitin"
    Seda Petrosyan
    General Director, joint-Stock Company trade and Investment Company "Afanasy and Nikitin»
    Nawar Abdul Wahed
    CEO, Russian Club in the United Arab Emirates
    Faridun Valiev
    Executive Director, Association for Promotion of Foreign Economic Activity
    Alexander Dolgiev
    Business analyst, Center for Advanced Technology Development
    Mikhail Yatsenko
    Executive Director, eCommerce Russia Association
    (National Association of Electronic Commerce)
    Alexander Pyankov
    Head of 3PL Department, FIT
    Dmitry Dynnikov
    Deputy Trade representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uzbekistan
    Elena Danilova
    Director of the Department of organic and environmentally friendly products, Roskachestvo
    Evgeny Fedotov
    Commercial Director of point Art, importer of hookah tobacco
    Sergey Golovanov
    Head of the Department of analysis of trade barriers and international legal support, AgroExport
    Sergey Korshunov
    Chairman of the Board of the Union of organic farming
    Sampat Liyanage
    Export sales Director of May LLC
    Frank Rumpy
    International expert (Frank Johann Caspar RUMPE) Germany, Switzerland
    Dmitry Biryukov
    Top cigars Corporation LLC-logistics and sales planning Manager
    Val Kogan
    President Mid-Atlantic - Eurasia Business Council
    Anna Klinskova
    DHL, Vice President of sales and marketing, DHL Express Russia
    Nonna Kagramanyan
    Vice President, head of the Executive Committee of Delovaya Rossiya»
    Alexey Murzenok
    Russia export center, Director for international partner programs
    Ilya Timoshin
    President Of The Union Of Business People
    Igor Silin
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Latvia
    Sergey Goebel
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia
    Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Israel
    Mikhail Panchenkov
    Business Ambassador of Business Russia in Uzbekistan
    Alexey Mostovshchikov
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Kuwait
    Olga Kulikova
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in India
    John Chikelu
    Office of the business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Nigeria
    Maxim Yeliseyev
    Coordinator of the UNIDO project "Development of partnership relations between Russia and UNIDO"
    Alexander Merezhko
    Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Russia
    Mr. Nemanand Bobade
    Project Manager (E-commerce). Dubai Customs. UAE.
    General Operator
    The forum is held within the framework of GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK RUSSIA
    Thanks to the Union of translators of Russia for organizing simultaneous translations and for our technсial partner
    Organizers and Partners 2020
    The Head of the Organizing Committee:, +7916-6579758, Pavel Dolgov, Vice President of the Association of Exporters and Importers.
    Participation as an exhibitor and for sponsorship:, +7916-4785746, Valentina Karpova, Partner Integration Director.
    Requests for Media Accreditation:, +7926-5997787, Kseniya Krovyakova
    General operator: LLC "Infreym",, +7916-4785746
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